Kristi Drake grew up in a small town along the bayou known as New Iberia. Which is located in the heart of Louisiana. Upon graduating high school she left the state to pursue a career in fashion. She attended FIDT - Fashion Institute for Design and Technology. To her dismay, Fashion design was not for her. She has a very natural eye for styling. However, after a year she left the design school and little did she know Louisiana still had plans for her. She returned to complete her education in Cosmetology in Lafayette, Louisiana. She acquired her degree in only one year.

While Kristi spent the next several years in Louisiana working in the beauty industry. In order to develop professionally she felt compelled to continue her education. She was able to travel to places such as New York, Chicago and Europe in order to further her career. "You can NEVER stop learning or growing and inspiration is key!"

In 2012, she made a decision to leave a thriving career in Louisiana. Picked up everything and moved to Austin, Texas. With no ties to Austin at all, it was a challenge both personally and professionally, but she saw this as an opportunity for growth and development. There she was able to establish herself as more than just a hairstylist, expanding her portfolio to include make-up and styling. Partnering with commercial/advertising work, editorials, large-scale film projects, smaller indie film projects and professional music videos.


Kristi sees herself as an ARTIST first and foremost, with the ability to wear various hats depending on the size and scope of the project. These projects have armed Kristi with a diverse portfolio and wealth of experience, and now reflects her talent, artistically and professionally.


Kristi still has MAJOR goals and plans for her near future! "I am super stoked on what I have in store coming soon and cannot wait to show the world!"